Farm Fresh Raw Goat Milk

You can absolutely taste the difference in the quality of our RAW Organic Goat Milk hands down!


With "The Organic Goat" Milk you can Expect Nothing Less Than:

  • Extremely Fresh Tasting Milk (non-goaty)

    • Due to demand our milk is frequently sold out daily so it doesn't sit around loosing quality

  • Outstanding Yield for those Cheese Makers

  • Ultra Creamy Texture for that Home Made Yogurt 

How can I buy some?

  • Contact me to set up an agreed upon date/time 

  • RAW Milk farm to consumer sales are legal in the state of Illinois

  • You must bring a squeeky clean glass jar (Ball Jars Recommended) to talk your milk home in.

  • We strongly suggest bringing a cooler with ice to keep it ice cold until you bring it home

  • The cost is $20 gallon or $10 half gallon

Raw Organic Goat Milk has so many health benefits - below are some articles for your reading enjoyment with many more to be found on the web:

Dr. Axe Goat Milk Benefits

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Raw Goat Milk



$20 p/Gallon, $10 p/Half Gallon

(Waiting list, warning, 

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